Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fried Bocconcini with Spicy Tomato Sauce

Sorry about this one.  It’s definitely not on your New Year’s resolution list. The Super Bowl is coming upView full post »

Spicy Penne Alla Vodka

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I love some spice in my food.  You may also know that I love garlic. IView full post »

Almond Joy Cheesecake

Oh, my. I don’t know what it is about this time of year-maybe the gray skies, constant cold, or light snowView full post »

Poppy Seed and Sea Salt Crackers

I never had even thought about making my own homemade crackers before.  It was like an epiphany when I found thisView full post »

Heartland Turtle Bars

I just had to throw in a dessert, you know.  It’s Saturday, right?  Time for some R & R. Take these turtleView full post »

Greek Panzanella

I’m beginning to get a crush on Ina Garten.  Well, not really, but, I’m really starting to be inspired byView full post »

California Style Tuna Salad Rolls

This is a fun appetizer idea that I knew I had to try.  It’s like sushi, but it’s not.  And, while itView full post »

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

My little brother is a college hockey player in a neighboring state, who happened to break his arm pretty badly theView full post »

Basic Sandwich Rolls

I almost did it.  I stood in the bread aisle at my local grocery store with a bag of store-bought buns in my hands,View full post »

Ad Hoc Brownies

Do I even really need to write up a post about these?  Just look at them. Over the holidays, I went through some majorView full post »

Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

There’s a popular chain of restaurants that is known for its lettuce wrap appetizers.  Recently I went there andView full post »

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

Happy Saturday. It’s been a long week, hasn’t it?  We’ve all worked hard, especially after coming offView full post »

Kitchen Sink Cookies

These are actually what I call “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” cookies.  And they are awesome. I decidedView full post »

Roasted Garlic Hummus

I have a little secret. And, it’s this:  I am not a big fan of hummus. There.  I said it. There are only a fewView full post »

Mediterranean Chopped Salad

Happy New Year! I figured I would start off 2011 with a healthy post.  We’re all in the beginning of a new year,View full post »